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Submitting a Survey from a Keyboard

12-29-2021 08:51 AM
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I am working on a Survey that is going to be used in cold / wet conditions and the users don't want to have to take their gloves off every 10 minutes, so we need to be able to fill out the form and submit from a keyboard.  I see that users can tab through the questions on the keyboard and enter values, but how to they actually submit the form?  

Yes, I know they make gloves that work with touchpads, but they aren't sufficient for these conditions.

And if they not in a connected environment, how do we get that window that always pops up asking if the user wants to store the record until they are back in range from popping up?

Quick Capture seems to have the best functionality of this kind of work, but you cannot build calculations into that workflow, which seems like a huge missed opportunity by Esri.

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I also support a workforce that finds it more efficient to use a keyboard attached to the tablet when filling out surveys and am interested in method that would allow users to fill out the entire survey using the keyboard.

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Please also upvote this idea to control tab order.  thanks 

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I believe posting these functionality requests in ArcGIS Ideas might be the best course of action.

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