Still trying to figure out how to change form styles...

02-02-2023 01:33 PM
New Contributor II

Full disclosure: I'm very new to Survey123 and I'm currently working from the Survey123 Connect app, then viewing the survey via the web app. I've been scouring the web trying to find ways to adjust the styles in Survey123 and I'm still coming up short. I can easily manipulate the css that is generated when I'm inspecting it in the browser, but how can I actually override or change some of these styles?

I've tried using things like borderColor="#some color hex" in the body::esri:style column, yet no matter how I tweak it, it seems to do nothing.

Would running some kind of a script work? i.e., something like this in js?



document.getElementsByClassName("someESRIclass").style[0] = "border: none;"




Aside from changing things like borders, it would be great to be able to float check boxes or input fields directly to the right of their labels, rather than always have them appear underneath. It would save A LOT of vertical space (see attached images).



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