Survey123 map is not accurate when scrolling?

10-14-2021 11:48 AM
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Does anyone else have a problem with the Survey123 Inbox map when scrolling??  Points move relative to the basemap.  The problem appears to be worse in Survey123 for Desktop/Windows.

This issue makes it very difficult to relocate exact coordinate in Survey. 

See screenshots....the same points are shifted relative to the basemap (aerial imagery) as I scroll in the map.

Thank you!

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Hi @ConorFlynn,

Can you confirm the version of Survey123 field app you are using on Windows? Is it the latest 3.13 builds? Also are you using the 64 bit or 32 bit version?

Do you see the same thing on iOS and Android?

When you say scroll the map, do you mean scroll with mouse wheel, or use finger to pan the make? Does the issue happen when change zoom level or panning? Can you record a screen capture video?

How many points/surveys are you loading on the Inbox map? If you have less does the problem still ocurr?

If you open the survey and go to the geopoint map control, and open the geopoint map and scroll/pan/zoom the map, does the same issue happen in that map view?



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