Inbox Query for Related Records?

01-31-2020 09:08 AM
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I would like to be able to limit the number of points that my inbox displays based on an attribute in a related table.  Is it possible to create an inbox query expression that queries related records?

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Hi Jim,

It isn't possible to use a related table within the definition query used to filter the inbox.

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Thanks for the reply.  Is this something that could be submitted as an enhancement?

I have a workflow with a one to many relationship.  The parent record stores the location of a repair (attributes of work order, address, town,etc.).  The child records store paving components, like a road, sidewalk or driveway, at the repair site.  Each of the components go through a series job statuses.  For example, they get marked out by our inspectors, a contractor schedules work and then marks it done and then we inspect the work and later on, certify it complete.  The child records at a repair location may each have a different job status and require multiple visits by our inspectors.  Our inspectors are assigned work depending on the job status.  For example, one inspector will handle mark outs while another handles inspections or certifications.  Currently, all repair locations show in the inbox regardless of the paving component job status.  The inspector selects a record from the inbox and then has to see what components are available, if any, in the related repeat.  I can filter the repeat based on job status but the inspector still has to go through the inbox, select a repair location and then see if there are any components.  We have hundreds of repair locations each year and they all show in the inbox.  What I would like to be able to do is to only show those repair locations in the inbox that have child records that match a certain job status so that my inspectors only see these repair locations in the inbox.  What they see there will only be what they need to inspect.  They won't have to look them up on a separate map or tap a repair location to see that there are no paving components for that particular repair location.  Is this something that could be done?

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Here's what I do when I need to filter my inbox by related table data.

I add fields that pull data from my related tables into the parent.

Below are the fields in the parent pulling data from the related table. The great thing is that the last inspection in the related table will overwrite older records.



On a side note, I started adding dates to QC my work (Not used for Inbox).


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Hi @MichelleWilliamsERM ! I don't know if you can give me a hint. In my case, I have the geographic layer, with the georeferenced trees, and I have a table related to maintenance data. I've activated the Inbox, so that we can edit all the trees that I have in the Maintenance in Progress status and add information. The problem is that I can't filter this information and show on the map only the trees that need maintenance. This way the user always sees all trees on the map and not just the ones that need maintenance. How would you overcome this?
Thank you very much

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