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08-09-2016 07:24 PM
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can you have a splash screen where the users accepts the conditions of populating the survey and the acknowledgment is captured as a data item to prove they have and if they don't they can't proceed?

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JTedrick-esristaffichivite-esristaff‌  I'm interested in adding a splash screen, dialogue box warning or disclaimer for people to not operate a vehicle while using the app.  Like afox above I'd like to capture the users agreement with this warning.  Do you have examples or recommendations for this workflow?

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Hi Charmel,

The best way to do this currently would be to have the disclaimer presented as a note with a select_multiple or select_one question to provide the acknowledgement.  Can you describe the target audience a bit?  Is this for a crowdsourcing-type application (as in a workforce this should be covered in other rules and regulations)?

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I agree this functionality would be great for Survey123 for our damage assessment workflow. I currently have one survey that combines our training & real-world survey into one. I would like to have the ability to notify the user with a disclaimer that they are not in a training survey when they begin to specify the event type.



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Hi Eric,

This should be accomplishable with a note that has a relevant condition - hide/show depending on the event selection.

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How would that look exactly? If the type is note, how would you then add the select_multiple or select_one question?

ie. For a simple splashscreen where you want someone to tap "I accept" to continue the form.