Simple way to retrieve .sqlite database

04-25-2022 11:47 AM
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Hi there,

I need to do some troubleshooting on a recently submitted Survey123 form - and recreate the Survey form for a submitted data point.

I know how to copy the .sqlite database from the mobile device: However, I don't have direct access to the device in question, and need to communicate with the device owner who is not within traveling distance.

Is there a simple way that the .sqlite database could be exported from the phone device within the phone? Or does it need to be connected to a PC in some way to retrieve it?


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Hello @10KYIGIS

The workflow may depend on the OS of the device, for example if the user is on an IOS device if they press and hold on the sqlite file in the Files app there's an option to compress it which will create a zip file. They can then email that zip file or upload it to a cloud sharing platform. If there's not a native way on Android it may be possible to use a third party files app that will allow them to zip the file and pass along. 

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