Survey123 ERROR 498 Invalid Token

04-01-2021 12:33 AM
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Hello, i created a suvey123 form on a Portal (enterprise), and i want to create the same survey on an ArcGIS online account with the submission URL of the existing survey on a portal.

But when a want to publish the survey on my ArcGIS online account, a have an error ( Invalid Token 498).

The main objective of the process is to store the data on the portal and we don't have enough of created users on my portal. So i suggested that i publish the same survey on my ArcGIS online account and put the Submission URL of the survey published on a portal (enterprise).

Thank you!



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We are trying the same process. I would like to publish surveys in AGOL from a feature layer hosted in my enterprise portal. The feature layer will be accepting data from multiple different surveys customized for different users but all linked back to the enterprise feature layer. I will also need to be able to build dashboard from the layer in AGOL. Is this possible? 

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The 498 issue is because survey123 is referencing a public service...



I made my layer secured (AGS credentials) then stored the credentials in the AGOL item, and it seems to work now.

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