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06-25-2020 08:00 AM
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Our Portal enterprise is currently being re-indexed and it is taking days rather than hours. My personal account does not display any content, but I can still publish to it, send data via an already downloaded form and view the data via ArcGIS Pro, etc. When I try to download a form onto a mobile device there list is empty. It brings up the question of whether or not you can sideload a form when your Portal account is down. Can you? Thanks.

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Hello bob wright‌, 

You can side load a survey by creating a folder in the My Survey's folder on whichever device you have the Survey123 Field App installed on. The folder will be named the item ID for the form item for example c195e79b35cb4cabb42dafe01d17c083.

Then create a new folder inside that folder named esriinfo. Finally copy all of the files from the "My Survey Designs" folder where Survey123 Connect is installed (I didn't include the media or debug folders when testing the workflow because my sample survey did not utilize those folders. If you survey does utilize those folders I believe you would copy them as well).

Copy those files into the esriinfo folder that was previously created. The files should include:

  •  <surveyName>.info
  • <sureyName>.itemInfo
  • <surveyName>.png
  • <surveyName>.webform
  • <surveyName>.xlsx
  • <surveyName>.xml
  • <surveyName>.json

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