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07-31-2020 07:51 AM
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How can I change the selection back to point and line? 

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Hello Joe Michael Cornely (MDPR)‌, 

Geometry can not be modified once a survey is published using the Web Designer. If you would like to change the geometry captured in the survey you can download the survey in Survey123 Connect and change the geoshape (polygon) question to a geopoint (point) or geotrace (line) if you like. 

Please note through that this change will delete the hosted feature service associated with the survey and recreate it to accommodate for the new geometry type. If there is data in the existing survey that you would like to keep please download the feature service as a file geodatabase before making the change in Survey123 Connect and overwriting the survey. It will likely not be a simple append to add the records back onto the survey as the geometry is different. Depending on what new geometry is chosen you may need to convert the polygons to centroids (points) or polylines to append the data to the new service. 

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