Shared Features and Choice Filters

08-17-2021 12:02 PM
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I'm hoping this makes sense and if it doesn't, please ask for clarification.  

I have been puzzling out the issue of shared features and how to represent them on multiple survey for years.  Each year our pipelines are inspected by their named line segment.  On some occasions, the beginning of pipelineA is the end of pipelineB.  Where those two lines meet, there is a valve, let's call it valveAB.  When the templates are run, valveAB needs to be on both pipelineA and pipelineB's form.  However, it only needs to be inspected once.  

I do not think that connect has the ability to pull valve info from one survey into another so I've given up on that idea.  However, I've been trying to avoid making two list items for the same valve.  (Valve AB is still Valve AB whether it's with pipeline A or pipeline B.)

Inspiration finally struck when I realized I could use a choice filter in combination with "or" to make the valve show up on pipeline A, B or C's picklist.

L1_filter = ${clsegname} or L2_filter = ${clsegname} or L3_Filter = ${clsegname}

(cl stands for centerline, aka pipeline)

I've attached two surveys.  The one that says "working" is the one I wrote from scratch to test the idea.  The one that says "testing" contains copied and pasted code from my actual survey and it does NOT work.  Does anyone see what the issue is here?  I've tried adding in all the bells and whistles like groups, repeats, etc, into the working copy and it still works.  But I can't for the life of me get the testing one to work.  It has to be something ridiculously simple but I've been playing with it for two days.  Whatever it is, I'm just not seeing it.



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Hi Allison,

You may have already found a solution for this since it's been a while since you posted this, but if you change all the blank choices in the L2_filter list to something like "none" or "NA," then your testing__valve inspection XLS should start working.


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