Capture asset location instead of device location

09-27-2021 06:10 AM
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Currently, all of our inspection surveys capture the device location because the assets that they are inspecting do not contain the coordinates.  Is there a way to capture the asset's location instead of the device?  the reason for this is because a group of our inspectors use paper in the field and add the survey in the office, resulting in all of our inspections being captured no where near the asset.


Process: inspectors use Collector (v20.0.1.0)  to identify the asset.  the asset's pop up has a link to open the survey into the Survey123 field app (v3.11.164).  Surveys are built using Survey123 Connect (v3.11.123).

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If they use the map they can manually place the location of the asset by moving the location pin to wherever the asset is, they dont have to use the device location and you can even force the inspector to use the map instead of the device location by inspecting the geopoint question in your survey:


Category of the position source. Potential results are Unknown (0), User (1), System Location (2), External Device (3), Network Device (4), and File (5).