Sending Data from Survey123 to Web Map

01-03-2019 12:45 PM
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Hello All,

I've created a Web Map with point features that field crews are using as a basemap in Explorer. When they select a point they can see basic attributes and then launch survey123, (I have it setup to prepopulate these basic attributes in the survey123 form). The user will then collect whatevever information they need to. 

I was wondering if there is a way to then send a response in the form back to Explorer (or the web map that explorer is using)? Basically, the layer in Explorer has an attribute "Status" of "Not Inspected" (default) or "Inspected". Once the user records information in Survey123 they will select status "Inspected", save the form, and I want that status to be updated in Explorer so the point symbology changes from red to green.

I suppose I could add the survey123 layer to my Web Map so it's visible above the original layer in Explorer. But i'm more curious if you can send parameters from survey123 back to a feature layer in a web map. I'm using Survey123 Connect if that helps

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Hi Evan,

No, it is not currently possible to send an additional response directly back from a survey to another app or feature layer (not related to the survey) with the out of the box Survey123. This could be achieved however using a webhook which Survey123 now supports, and you would need to create a custom webhook which has access to the service you want to write the updated values to. More info here: Webhooks—Survey123 for ArcGIS | ArcGIS and here  and here: .

Additional to webhooks, we are also working on a new feature which may address what you requested to be achieved with the ability to create custom code for the Survey123 app which can send the request after the survey is submitted. This is still in early development, but will update you once we have a beta version available.