Seeking Design Advice: Quantity Inspection Survey

02-17-2023 10:02 AM
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Hey all,

Reaching out to hopefully gather some design advice for a form that I need to digitize. It's a fairly simple one, but before getting to deep into the process, I thought I'd check with the community to see if there's a better way to design this. 


The form lists equipment, specifications, required quantity, and a checkbox if it was found. 

In the S123 version, I'm hoping to replicate this, but replace the checkbox with an integer field so the quantity found can be stated. 

Excerpt of the paper form is as follows:



Current Progress

I looked at various methods and using dynamic-grid seemed to be the best path. I thought of using table-list but it didn't seem right. 

I was able to replicate the form in S123 and it looks like the following:



It is working as expected, however the method I utilized to recreate that requires 4 rows per question. 

Form Details

  • The "Tools and Trailer Accessories" groups is created with appearance of w6

  • Below that are three note questions to serve as column headers (Description, Quantity Req., Quantity Found) set as w4, w1, and w1 respectively. 

  • For each item, the four rows present are the following:
    • Note that contains the description (label) and the specifications (hint) set to w4

    • Note that contains the quantity required (label) set to w1

    • Integer question for user input to indicate the quantity found

    • Calculate question to check if the quantity found is equal to or greater than the quantity required. This returns the emoji placed in front of the description for visual indicators and can also be used for summary purposes at the bottom of each group.
  • An XLSForm excerpt is attached for reference. 


Is there a better way to design this form using different styles or question types? Or is the way that I started designing it an acceptable solution?

Thanks in advance!

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