Bug? Survey123 website / filter data when form uses CSV external select

02-13-2023 09:59 AM
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Hello all,

I have a Survey123 form in which several fields are populated using select_one_from_file question type, pulldata calculation, and a csv hosted online.

When on the Survey123 Website / Data Tab... using the "filter" option ... I am unable to filter by any of the fields that were populated using the pulldata calculation. Field names appears correctly as options, but the values that appear are the labels from the CSV file, not the values that are in the feature layer (or in the appropriate CSV column). 

In the attached image below... you will see I am attempting to filter by "Geocode". The geocode field in the feature layer has been populated using the CSV. However, the only choices that appear in the dropdown are the CSV labels.

I've verified this occurs in our Portal instance and AGOL. Anyone have thoughts or should I submit as a bug?



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@Daniel_Perkins If you haven't already submitted this your Technical Support team, feel free to share the smallest reproducible issue with the xlsx form and csv file.


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