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Security of data: Share Survey in a group within the Organization and hide feature layer to preserve it from further edits.

08-26-2022 05:48 AM
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I need to share a survey in a group within the organization.

The member of this group will access the survey to edit 2 field through Inbox, he will have a link to the survey only.

The survey has a number of readonly fields, it works on repeats, and has a number of hidden fields that update fields in the repeat and in the main layer.

This member is not supposed to see anything but what is in the Survey. 

The data is created from account 1, then edited from account 2 (this "external" one)

I already updated the view to hide those fields that are not in the survey, but those hidden and readonly I have to keep them.

The problem is that the feature layer (it is a view) that is available in the content of the account, is editable by anybody that knows how ArcGIS online works.


Is there a way to limit the access to the feature layer and preserve the security of data?



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