S123 Field App GeoPoint Map not showing

12-12-2019 06:45 PM
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I have built a survey using S123 Connect and published it. It looks and works fine as a web app and on the windows field app on my PC but on my iPhone the field app GeoPoint component (‘INCIDENT LOCATION’ below) will not show the map interface. It looks like the screen grab on the left below when loading and then the screen grab on the right once my location has been found. There is no little map icon and no way to activate the map to change or refine my location. Strangely if I submit the survey anyway then the map does appear for the GeoPoint component for the next survey I want to submit. It was just the first field app survey of a brand new form that this happened for.

My suspicions are that the GeoPoint map interface will not show on devices with screens below a certain size (my iPhone is a 5S) but I do not have a larger mobile phone to test this and I did a search online about this possible limitation but could not find anything. Further, this does not explain why the map interface is now showing. I do not think I have applied a field or setting type in the Connect xlsform applied that would cause this but am open to suggestions.

Has anyone else experience behaviour like this before and figured out why?

- S123 Connect v3.5.166

- S123 Field app v3.7.56

- iPhone 5S iOS 12.4.1

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Hi Derek,

The preview map and detailed map for a geopoint (or geotrace/geoshape) will only be displayed when the device is online and has access to the online hosted public basemaps in arcgis.com. If you are working offline you need to ensure you have loaded offline basemaps (tpks) to your device for the area of interest. If you are using Survey123 online (Wifi, 4G etc) and are not seeing a preview map load when the form loads, it means the device is currently offline or has no valid internet connection, or you can not access arcgis.com from that device.

If you want to use Survey123 offline, please see the documentation here: Use offline basemaps—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation  and Prepare basemaps for offline use—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation 

Out of interest, are you using the Basic or Standard map type option in the field app?



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