Publishing Survey with no spatial location

12-13-2019 01:11 PM
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I am trying to publish a survey that takes no spatial location data. I would like the Survey123 form to open only a table from the service without taking a spatial location even though it is related to a layer. Below is my work flow.

  • My hosted feature service has culvert locations (spatial) that have a relationship class to their inspections (table). The relationship is built on Culvert Global ID and the inspection GUID.
  • I create my Survey123 form by importing the service in ArcGIS connect. The spreadsheet has the culvert data fields and a repeat for the inspections fields.
  • Then I removed some of the culvert fields, (geo point, others not needed). Then set them to read only. I also changed the bind:esri:fieldType to null so the information will not be passed back to the culvert layer.
  • Add the inspection GUID field within the inspection repeat so I can pass the culvert Global ID.
  • I publish the form.
  • The web map I created has the culvert layer and inspection table. The culvert layer has a pop up that calls the survey123 form and passes the culvert Global ID and other fields through a URL link.
  • After clicking on a culvert, the inspection form opens and I am able to enter data. However, I get a Send Error message which states “Cannot insert the value NULL into column CLVT_NM”.I was thinking the error might be because Survey123 is trying to create a new culvert. Because CLVT_NM is required it cannot create the feature.

In looking through the posts, I found one that said you can create a non-spatial form of a table if you change the layer ID to 0 for the table and the spatial layer to 1 so that the Survey123 form will use the table as the base build.

I have included the Excel form for reference.

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Hi Kevin,

Survey123 does not currently support feature services that contain a table only (no geometry). A feature layer (with geometry) is required so that the layer has valid geometry and this location will be used in the Survey123 website, map views and other applications. If no geopoint (or geoshape/geotrace) question in included in the survey, a geopoint question is always created behind the scenes as default when publishing. This gives the feature layer geometry. More info can be found here: Geopoints—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation 

Any other workarounds as you mentioned above, may or may not work, and are not officially supported.



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