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S123 Connect Performance is Poor

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03-29-2023 02:48 PM
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Has anyone had issues with the performance in S123 Connect being poor? I have experienced it taking a considerable amount for the app to launch, the app crashing while in a survey form, or running other routine tasks. I have a fairly high performance desktop, so all the culprits such as RAM, CPU, etc., aren't indicating an issue.


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The situation has resolved itself though I'm not sure what changed exactly. I do believe that it was background applications running set up by our IT administrator that were impeding performance as I spent some time watching the computer task manager. 

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I also have issues with Connect crashing.  Connect open fine (well, usually), but on any given day where I work with Connect I can expect 3-5 crashes, occasionally more (I finally started keeping a tally).  I'm on the latest version, my surveys are very small, lists are <20 records.  My computer is <1year old, and also high performing. Content and app are on local drive. Computer is hard-wired to internet, wireless can be flaky.  I'm to the point where I just leave task mgr up so I can 'end task' and restart.  It's not life changing, but it is frustrating.

My internet is not speedy, however, I can see the icon change if I lose connection, and I never see the internet even hiccup when Connect hangs.  It can happen when I first open Connect, when I save the XLSForm and click on the Connect window; it's not usually when I'm editing the form.  I've asked my IT but they have no suggestions.  I haven't seen anything in the task mgr that suggests an app running in the background - but I'm unsure that I would recognize something anyway.  I work at a university - there is high security and anti-virus, but I can't turn it off.

Appreciate any suggestions for what to look for.  

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I'd recommend making a new post. You're welcome to link back to this discussion and tag people like myself or mvps like dougbrowning. A new post makes it more likely that users will engage with it and seek those sweet internet internet points. Users are less likely to look at discussion on a solved post.

Would suggest:

... and for anyone reading, stating what actual version of Survey123. I've seen 'latest' not be latest, or refer to a beta version. It also makes it hard for later review as it's difficult to readily identify what the 'latest' release was in May 2023. The version + the XLSForm = the fastest way for you to get assistance on forums / esri support. 

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Thanks for the suggestions!  

And I will post as new - thank you for that information - I didn't know a new post could potentially catch more attention.

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