Restricting values in a dropdown without javascript

05-11-2022 07:36 AM
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I am creating a survey for volunteers to register for a specific event. The event has multiple days, multiple time slots and multiple positions per time slots. I was able to use cascading select to get all that working fine, the only thing remaining is to LIMIT the number of volunteers to register for a specific job.  and because the survey will be public, I can't use a JavaScript function... 

My question is: Once 2 volunteers register for that task below, how can that job NOT be available in my position dropdown?


DAY,          TIME SLOT                  JOB                               MAX VOL NEEDED

July 29,     6:00 PM-10:00PM,     Overnight Security,                  2




this is what I could use as a lookup table:



Any help would be much appreciated.



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