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Restrict user from dropping point unless it is at specific address or municipal asset

10-26-2023 10:39 AM
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I am attempting to create a survey that will be used as a work order request form, and the form utilizes the pull data reverse geocode function to populate addresses. The problem is, field staff are often clicking off-site (middle of the road, between houses, in the ocean 😑, etc.), and the address being populated is incorrect. Those in charge want the point creation to be limited to proper address points or asset points (two other point layers we utilize). Is it possible to restrict the geopoint to an existing feature? Maybe throw an error or not allow point creation unless it meets this criteria?


Alternatively, can I do this pull data function in reverse. Can I provide an address field that they populate and have that create a point on a map. In other words, they have to type in the address but don't get to physically interact with the map. Trying to eliminate user error...

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I use this formula to calculate how far they are from where they were supposed to vs where they are.  Maybe you could use this and set a constraint or warning somehow?

round(acos(sin(${SampledMidLatitude} * pi() div 180)*sin(${DesignLat} * pi() div 180) + cos(${SampledMidLatitude} * pi() div 180)*cos(${DesignLat} * pi() div 180)*cos((${DesignLong} * pi() div 180)-(${SampledMidLongitude} * pi() div 180))) * 6371000,2)

Hope that helps

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You might want to check out the geocode appearance

- Jen
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