Republishing Error "User Folder does not Exist" (Critical, Code 400)

01-11-2023 09:54 AM
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Republishing a survey that was functioning fine and this came up......



I have not altered file or folder locations and names in AGOL or survey connect. I only added an image to the media folder and added a file row to the XLS with media:image file name.   

Any Ideas?

All of the prior Code 400 threads don't seem to be applicable here.

Is this the result of adding a media file to a prior published survey that did not have media?

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Hi Richard

First a stupid question - are you logged in with the correct account credentials?

If you are...

Can you make a backup of your survey files on your computer, then delete the survey files in Connect and then try to 'redownload' the survey from AGOL. Then without making changes see if you can publish your survey. If you can then add your changes and try to publish again.

I dont think the issue is the media files.

Hope that helps

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