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10-27-2021 03:01 AM
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I have a map within my report template and I would like the scale to change depending on the particular site visited for each survey. This is because the map in my report uses an existing web map which includes site boundaries but the geometry of my survey is simply based on the centre of these boundaries. As the boundaries vary in size I want to make sure that all of the boundary can be seen in the map and ensure the scale is reasonable particularly for smaller sites.

I did try adding a map scale field into my survey and then to use this in the report template syntax as below but I get an error telling me my tags are unclosed.


Has anyone found anyway to make the scale dynamic for different surveys? Any help would be much appreciated.



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I have the same question. We do inspections on Walking Trails and the appropriate scale for map segments varies from trail to trail, normally related to the trail's length. So I'd like to be able to set a scale per trail and have this field/variable to be used in the mapSettings parameters.

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