Repeated group return same value

11-29-2022 05:34 AM
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I am trying to create a survey123 form with a repeated group but I have a problem

to fill out the repeated group we need to enter the data in the fields then click + to add another record, my question is how can get the same answer as the first record into the second, third,... 


Note: the fields are text, integer and select one.

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Do you mean a Same as the last record type deal?  If so then its a no without javascript.  But on large repeats this fails also.  I have been asking for it for years now.

javascript code 

You can load a value into a field of a different name but not the same name.  123 cannot handle put Field A value in Field A.  It gets confused.  It is a major bummer that has been really slowing us down.  I am not sure they can ever fix it due to the way 123 works.  It is our crews number 1 gripe though for sure since our 20 year old system could do it.

If you meant you have a field outside the repeat that you want the value on in every repeat (like a key value for example) then all you have to do it have a field that does a calc to pull in the value outside the repeat.

hope that helps.