Survey123 app error, red bubble, impossible ro recover or send data

11-16-2022 02:50 AM
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Hello all,

in our organization we use Survey123 in many different phones to send data. Recently we have had a problem in which the surveys stored in the device and ready to be sent appeared in a red bubble (instead of the common green or orange ones) and after that it is impossible to send, recover or see those surveys, so we loose the data. 

Can somebody give me an idea on how to avoid this or fix it? Anyone has had the same problem?



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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi @SilviaEspinosa  This will be best resolved through Technical Support. One possibility is that the feature layer of the survey has been changed, or unshared, and that Survey123 can no longer access it.   Are you getting any type of descriptive error from the app (After clicking on the item with the red bubble).

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Hello @IsmaelChivite, thank you for your answer.

We are going to contact Technical Support, but any other answers here will be much appreciated. We do not get any type of descriptive error, and I don't think it is a problem from changing the layer and not sharing it. 

I'm attaching a photo that shows the red bubbles.

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