Relating multiple pictures to a location

06-10-2021 06:34 PM
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We did a house survey(using Survey123) and collected  2 or 3 pictures at each location. I downloaded the file with the locations and all the pictures.

How do I relate the set of pictures to their locations?



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Hi @MariyanaKostov1, can you clarify what format and from where you downloaded the survey results from? 

Assuming you downloaded your results as a File Geodatabase, you could calculate the x and y coordinates for each point using ArcGIS Pro/Desktop if you have that software.

If you would like to perform the calculations directly in ArcGIS Online, you could use Arcade to calculate the x and y values in new fields using geometry($feature).X and geometry($features).Y, respectively. Here is a link showing this:

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What I do is generate a name in the form then use that name to export and rename the photos into the file system.  If that would work for you see this post for the code

Hope it helps

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