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05-10-2021 10:23 AM
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Hello all,

I am experiencing an issue with my form that whenever I try to submit a response on the web version I get a message saying "Survey contains errors: 1. Press here to navigate to each error.", which sends me back to the top of my form.

I think the issue either stems from a questions that uses the "select_from_file" function to populate choices from a .csv file or the two fields below this question that uses the "pulldata" function to be populated based on what was chosen in the previous question.


I would be happy to send over any related files for clarity.


Thank you

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Hello @ReginaldHayes

Do you also see the behavior in the Survey123 field app, or is the behavior specific to the website? 

If possible would I be able to obtain a copy of the surveys XLSForm and CSV's in the media folder for testing on my end? 

Please feel free to email them to if passing them over Esri Community isn't preferred.

Thank you, 


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Hello Zachary,

I found that the form would not publish due to an issue with a date field I had set as hidden in Suvey123 Connect. Once the field was deleted, all functions returned to normal.

Thank you for your suggestions!

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Hi Reginald, have you had the issue resolved by any chance? I'm having the same issue but unable to pinpoint where the issue is arising from. I'm also using select_from_file questions.


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Sorry for the late reply. The issue came from a date field I was using in the form as well with the utcNow() function in the calculation field. Once I deleted the field the service was restored to normal.

Hope this helps

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