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10-19-2018 03:32 AM
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Hi GeoNet

I am wondering if it is possible to reject subimtted survey123 answers, write some comments and send it back to the mobile worker in the field, so they can correct the submission directly through Survey123?



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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Niklas,

At a basic level, this can be done by embedding a (hidden) status field in the form.  A QA application can then filter out those records that have come in as 'new' and revise the status.  You could further set up the Inbox to receive 'rejected' status submissions for field workers to revise (either with the same form or a revision form).  The same could hold true for comments - have a QA comments field not present in the original form, but viewable (read only?) in a revision form.

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Hi Niklas an James,

I'm very interested in that topic. And, it could be the solution for a workflow that my teamwork are looking for. But we wouldn't want to use an application external than Survey 123 for QA stages.

So, is Survey 123 capable of being that QA application? Could the QA personal receive the 'new' surveys with a filter in that hidden field (status) and return as 'rejected' to field workers, using the same Suvey123 app, but changing the form as you say?

And, Is it possible with Survey 123 to copy the answers from the original survey to a revision survey that include the comments fields, or we need to use a script? Could we change the status of a comment field from editable for the QA personal to read only for the field workers in the revision form with some function in Survey 123?



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