Re: Field not showing up on the form

09-28-2020 07:39 PM
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Hi Felipe,

Are you able to attach your XLSForm so that I can troubleshoot further? Do you have 'GPS2' selected for your 'reciever_id' question and 'no' selected for your 'running_check' question? From your screenshots it looks like your 'Antenna Offset Check' and 'Result'  calculations depend on these selections. Is there a reason you have 'relevant' expressions set on your 'calculate' questions? 


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Hi Brett, thanks for your answer.

I have selected 'yes" for my 'running_check' and 'GPS2' for my receiver_id'. Not sure why I have this 'relevant' expressions on my 'calculate' questions, how I said, I got this form from someone that already started and I need to do some improvements.

I add the form here.

Thanks and sorry for slipt the discussion in two, if you can, please come back this discussion to the main one.

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