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Query Syntax in a nested Repeat

07-27-2022 01:38 PM
New Contributor II

After checking the documentation and several searches on the the community forums, I should be able to fetch only the results I want from the Inbox by typing in the bind:esri:parameters the following


I'm typing this in the row of the begin repeat for a nested repeat and I'm using a field that is part of the Repeat and not from the parent table, but unfortunately when i refresh the Inbox i get a Code 500 Error Invalid Field Qualifier.

I've tried multiple variations of the same expression but without any luck.

What am i doing wrong, can someone review my form and help me?

The expression is on row 27 of the attached document

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Occasional Contributor III

The query parameters within the excel are different then the query parameters that you enter in Survey123 Connect.  I think you are trying to query data (not allow query or allow edit) and you want to do that in Connect.

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New Contributor II

The query in the Where section in Survey123 is working fine.

In this case I'm trying to query a certain set of records from the related table based on the value of a field of the repeat group.



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New Contributor II

I'm still stuck trying to achieve this.

I tried to query the data from Survey123 Connect, but this only works with fields from the parent table.

When I follow the documentation, it clearly says that in order to query results from a repeat (child table) we should use the expression query in the row of the "begin repeat" under the column bind:esri:parameters.

I followed the same syntax as in the documentation:


When I refresh the inbox I still get the error "Invalid Field Qualifier".

What could be wrong? I need some help here please.

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