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Query a Feature Layer in ArcGIS_Survey123connect question??

06-15-2023 04:37 PM
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I would like to use the pulldata("@layer", "getValue" function in a survey that I am building.  At the beginning of the survey there are three question that use the autocomplete search("list function to make some selections from a feature service polygon layer.  The first is for the owners name, the second uses parameter filters to allow you to see only the tract the above owners owns, and then select the tract you want.  The third then using  parameter filters to only see stands in above tract field allows you to select the stand(individual polygon) you want.  There is an acres field in the attribute table that I want to use the pulldata to capture.  My question is that in the survey after the three questions are answered resulting in selecting the stand I want, can pull data be used to go get the value in the acres field tied to that selected stand record?

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Hello @ryannorris

Yeah you can use pulldata("@layer") to obtain the value from the acres field. Please check out the Query a feature layer sample in Connect for some examples on how the syntax for pulldata("@layer") works. In your case it would probably look something like: 

pulldata("@layer", "getValue", "attributes.acres", "featureLayerURL", concat("name='", ${name}, "' AND tract='", ${tract}, "' AND stand='", ${stand}, "'"))

Assuming stands are unique you could also only use stand in your query expression ex. concat("stand='", ${stand}, "'") but you can also use all three to ensure you are extracting the correct record. 

Thank you,
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Thank you Zach

That was what I needed the concat syntax.  Works exactly how I need it to.




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