Pushing related data with REST in Survey123

11-07-2018 12:17 PM
MVP Alum

I have data in Survey123 that is collected using a repeat for the purpose of a related table. My goal is to pass the data to another feature service using REST update command.

I have pushed text fields before via REST to other feature services without issue. Now if I was to do that same with related data from this feature service to related data in a 2nd feature service...will this cause any issues?

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Joe

If you are looking to use data submitted to one feature service (via Survey123) to update another feature service, you could look at using webhooks to do this. Take a look at the following EAC resource and the examples it contains: Welcome to our Feedback Community 



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MVP Alum

Yes I have been using Integromat to update data from one survey feature service to another survey feature service using REST with success. I was wondering if I can easily do the same thing using repeats and related data?

Just to give some context:

I have a main feature service that is up to date and a 2nd feature service that updates the 1st feature service with data using REST (both services created from Survey123). Right now I have a repeat on the 1st feature service to create a related table that can be used in either survey or in Collector for my field staff. I want to add a repeat to the 2nd feature service and have the ability to pass the related data to the related table into the 1st feature service without anything going wonky.

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by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor

I am trying to learn how to do just that. The link you provided doesn't work anymore. Do you know of another place that can help me set up that workflow? Thanks a lot. 

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