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Selecting a point on a map to collect data about

06-03-2021 08:47 AM
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I am new to ArcGIS and survey123 but I have some experience working with QGIS and ODK and xlsforms.

I have a map with point features that represent buildings (each point represents a building location). I have the maps in QGIS; however, I want to export them in order to be used in survey123. (We don’t have ArcGIS at the moment but we will get it soon).

When we go into the field, we want to have an offline map which visualizes all the points that represent the buildings. I want to be able to move out in the field and navigate to these point features. I also want to be able to edit/add their characteristics in the field so the enumerator can click the point and fill a form (number of floors, types, etc.).

In addition, I want the enumerator to be able to add additional points, if necessary, in the field. For example, if there is a new building that wasn’t in the map, I want the enumerator to add a point on the map and fill the form.

Is it possible to do it in survey123? What tools do I need?
I am sorry if it is an obvious question!


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Hi @wollyka ,

Sounds like a great question. I use arcgis online alongside survey123, however hopefully I can offer some tips for what I have been able to use. In survey123 you should be able to go to the data tab on your survey and select one or multiple points for export either as an excel spreadsheet, shapefile, or other formats. This is pretty easy to do and there are lots of documentation to do this. You can export the selection and work off of that, likewise under the data tab you can do edits on points selected on the little map that shows on the data tab or from the list of items inside the data tab on survey123. After that, you mentioned QGIS and other software, these could be used to work towards your project until you get arcgis online running. Not having worked specifically in your situation, hopefully this helps get a good start for you. I am not sure how to give specifics beyond this. Great opportunity to learn either way, I wish you the best on your projects!


God bless & have a great weekend,

Jansen Lyons

City of Rio Rancho, NM, USA

Records & GIS section, Public Works dept.

Jansen Lyons - Records and GIS Section - Public Works - City of Rio Rancho, NM
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Thanks for the tips.

From what I read it is possible to do it using INBOX and the ArcGIS Field Maps with more complex forms with Survey123 (I have great experience working with ODK and complex XLSforms but not linking them to points editable on the fly in the field so time to dive deeper)