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Pulldata @layer not working consistently, syntax errors

08-15-2023 12:46 AM
Occasional Contributor

I'm trying to incorporate the pulldata @layer function into an inspection form in order to query existing data from the hosted feature layer of that form.

At this point the calculation appears to work for 5 of 8 fields when testing in Survey123 Connect. When I  publish and try to test it in the desktop Connect application I get the following syntax errors popping up for each field:

SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression flag 'I' in expression: pulldata("@layer", "getValue", "attributes.Pass_Fail1", /TEST___Biosecurity_Inspections/BSI_Inspection_Data , concat("Item_Barcode1 ='", /TEST___Biosecurity_Inspections/Item_Data_Repeat/Item_Barcode ,"'"))

When I test the form on an Android device the pulldata fields are not returning anything. So I'm at a bit of a loss for where I'm going wrong. Any help in looking over my xlsx form or the query formulas would be greatly appreciated! I have attached a copy of the form. 

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Encountered the same syntax error. Installing the latest S123 Connect version solved it.

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