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Can I embed an ArcGIS web map in a SurveyMonkey survey ?

07-13-2022 06:48 AM
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My organisation has been approached to consider embedding an interactive map in a SurveyMonkey survey, to capture locations of eg proposed tree-planting. I have cited the existence of ESRI's Survey123 (-which we already use), but the department in question have already built the SurveyMonkey survey and wish to run with it: is it possible that I can build a map that captures co-ordinates such that they can then be saved with the survey's data ? I see that there are SurveyMonkey APIs, but am also aware that there is virtually nothing on the web that suggests that any ESRI user has tried this !

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I have a similar issue

A client is using Survey Monley on a mobile smartphone devices and wishes to add coordinates (lat, long) capture of location if the surveys  within the Survey Monkey App.

Has anyone engineered a solution before now to embed ArcGIS functionality into Survey Monkey ?


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