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Pull vertices from geoshape

07-05-2022 09:42 AM
New Contributor
I'm building a form to collect species observations in the field.
Each survey submission will be associated with an automatically captured geopoint. However, the survey data is collected while the observer is in transit. Ideally, we could save the automatically captured geopoint AND a manually curated geoshape feature that shows the maximum distance covered (estimated by the user, and only sometimes required and filled out).
I am aware that it is only possible to have ONE geometry (either the geopoint or geoshape) for the survey submission (unless we use repeats.. which doesn't make sense for our use case). The key piece of information from the manually drawn geoshape is the vertices data - these would represent a maximum rectangle or area covered while in transit.
I know that I can use pulldata to obtain x and y information from a geopoint. I'd like to replicate this but for a geoshape. I will then set the geoshape to esri:fieldType null to ensure that I only have one geometry type data.
Something like pulldata("@geoshape",${location},"vertices") is what I'm looking for! I can't find any documentation anywhere about if this is possible.
Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
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Esri Contributor

@JocelynPender It is not currently possible to use the pulldata() function to extract values to deconstruct a geoshape answer. I recommend you raise this as a new idea

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