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iOS 15.5 is crashing 123 and losing some data when the tablet goes to sleep

06-30-2022 09:47 AM
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We are still trying to narrow it down but we have at least one form that is crashing or losing some values from fields when the tablet goes to sleep and comes back.  This just started happening with the update to iOS 15.5.  Sometimes its fine, sometimes we lose a value or 2, other times 123 crashes totally.  

The form worked, then we updated a tablet to 15.5, and it started crashing.  Test 4 different tablets now.  All have updated to the latest 123 from the app store.

Has anyone else been seeing this?

Open a form, fill out some fields, hit the screen button to shut it off, wait a bit, turn the screen back on and get a crash report or we lose some of the field data that was on the screen.

The field that goes blank most often has this calc  but others get it.  It does seem to be just this one form though so far.

sin(${PoolDepthAngle}* (pi() div 180)) * ${PoolAngleMaxDepth}

Cannot find a clear pattern yet so wanted to ask.  


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Hello @DougBrowning

I've tested with a very simple form and unfortunately am not seeing the same behavior if possible would we be able to access a copy of the XLSForm for testing on our end? It would be helpful to see the full context where that calculation is taking place. Please feel free to email it to What type of iPad is this behavior observed on? I know you had mentioned you had tested on 4 different tablets are they all the same iPad model or different models? 

Thank you,
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Sent - thanks a lot!

We tested iPad Pro, Air, and regular.  All the same, 15.4 no problem, 15,5 problem.

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