S123 Revision does not match the version released in Apple Store

07-01-2022 11:05 AM
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One of our users has version 3.15.145, when he should have 3.15.146.  Mine is correct, being 3.15.146.  I looked at  the revision history on the apple store, and there is no version 3.15.145.  He has an iPad Air 3rd gen (Wi-Fi/Cellular), and I have a iPad Pro (10.5-inch).  We are both on iOS 15.5.  Where did the 3.15.145 come from?  Does he need to reinstall?  If so, it clears his SQLite database.  Can he stay on this revision?  Is it the same?

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Hello @FayGlunt

We did release a minor update specifically on iOS last week to fix an issue with a third party software we integrate with. Other than that the versions are identical there should be no difference in functionality between 145 and 146. 

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