PUll data EXIF GPSImageDirection to fails to populate field

04-29-2020 03:01 PM
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I need some help getting a survey to autopopulate a survey field related to an image using  a pulldata (@EXIF {image}, "gpsimagedirection"). I have multiple individual photo questions that are grouped based on the type of treatments. I've considered going to repeats as each photopoint treatment EXIF tags. So that I can populate x,,y,z coordinates attributes in the database for later display on map or webmap. I've borrowed some of the sample code to modify my form. But can't get the Compass bearing question to autocomplete and I want to make sure I properly capture and populate the lat,long, altitude attributes for the individual photos(~26 questions) with rules established to have related questions show up. Iw ould like to avoid using multiple geopoints, when the plan is to use an ipad and potentially a high accuracy receiver like a Bad Elf Pro+

Stretching for something like this, with each photo(~26).  Still considering to moving to repeat for each treatment type or resource type, but how would that look on the back end for parsing the data later in the database. And would it be considered a nested repeat as only certain photo questions come up based on treatment type and resources presence/ absence response?  Additionally, I would like to add the option for photos that define if it is a pre/post treatment photo . Which seems easy enough.

image      photopoint_image_1_rx_fire_    Photopoint image #1-RX Fire   ${treatments}='prescribed_fire' string(pulldata("@exif", ${photopoint_image_1_rx_fire_}, "gpslatitude")) + " " + string(pulldata("@exif", ${photopoint_image_1_rx_fire_}, "gpslongitude"))  

begin group/repeat  gps  GPS EXIF Tags         string-length(${photopoint_image_1_rx_fire_})>0   

hidden photopoint_image_1_rx_fire_gps_lat Latitude      autocomplete    pulldata("@exif", ${photopoint_image_1_rx_fire_}, "gpslatitude")  

hidden photopoint_image_1_rx_fire_gps_lon Longitude      autocomplete    pulldata("@exif",

${photopoint_image_1_rx_fire_}, "gpslongitude")  

hidden photopoint_image_1_rx_fire_gps_alt Altitude      autocomplete    pulldata("@exif", ${photopoint_image_1_rx_fire_}, "gpsaltitude")  

decimal or calculte(?) compass_bearing_1_rx_fire_ Compass bearing RX1  autocomplete         pulldata("@exif", ${photopoint_image_1_rx_fire_}," "GpsImageDirection")         esriFieldTypeDouble          

end group/repeat 

Simplest implentation, still can't get the Compass bearing question to autocomplete

image  photopoint_image_1_rx_fire_       Photopoint image #1-RX Fire    string(pulldata("@exif", ${photopoint_image_1_rx_fire_}, "gpslatitude")) + " " + string(pulldata("@exif", ${photopoint_image_1_rx_fire_}, "gpslongitude"))                    

decimal  compass_bearing_1_rx_fire_ Compass bearing RX1(autocomplete)         pulldata("@exif", ${photopoint_image_1_rx_fire_}," "GpsImageDirection")         esriFieldTypeDouble       

P.S  6 weeks ago I knew next to nothing about Survey 123.Started with the web interface and now I'm just using Connect.I've been making maps and doing data analytics since  ArcMap 8.x, but this is new territory for me.  I'm at three bananas, pushing for that fourth. Pretty sure I can get there with a little help from you. 


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Just a guess but why is GpsImageDirection the only one that starts with a capital G?   The rest are lower case G.

Hope that helps.

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