Is it possible to use the result of a calculated field to point to an attribute in a choice filter?

04-30-2020 10:27 AM
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I am working on building a cascading select for groups of low and steep slope roof deficiencies.  Deficiencies are grouped into a primary group with a number of deficiencies associated to that grouping. For example, patching is a primary group with approximately a dozen deficiencies associated to patching.  Some of those defects are applicable to all roof system types and some are specific to only one system type.  So i need to filter appropriately by the system type which is captured within the survey in previous questions so that only applicable choices are made available for the specific roof system type being assessed.

I created a calculated field to produce a string formatted to match the column name to filter by in the choices worksheet. In the choice filter column I placed the formula without errors being presented, but the choice filtration is not being applied.  See the screenshot below.

So, I'm wondering if there is another way to point the attribute in the choice filter calculation to a column from a previous answer?  If not, is there another work around?

This is important as the primary groupings are going to total approximately 60 with approximately 350 specific defects within them.  I want to reuse the groupings for every system type, as applicable, and filter to just the system applicable defects within each group without having to duplicate the groupings and defects multiple times for each specific system.

Thank you in advance.

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It is hard to tell since all of your column names are cut off in the screen shot.

First I would make your list name and field name different.  I have seen this cause issues.  I like to do something like DEFECT_CODEList (not sure why you are using all caps really hard to read).

I think you may be trying to dynamically calc the lookup column name?  I do not think that will work.  But for sure ${DEFECT_FILTER}=${DEFECT_FILTER} makes no sense.

Should be in the format LookupColumnName=${FieldWithMatchingValue}

Hope that helps

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