Published surveys not really published?

02-27-2023 12:01 PM
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Survey123 (v3.17) is not showing completed publish command. 

Publish a survey & "Published successfully!" message appears, but the red dot still visible on the Publish tab.

Go to Collaborate to share survey and this error message is at top of page: "The survey has changes that have not been published yet. Users can see these changes only after you publish the survey in Design page." 

See screenshots below:

  survey pubish error.jpg

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Hello @LoriDelacruzLewis

I would suggest reaching out to Esri Technical Support to take a closer look, you may be running into BUG-000154545 or BUG-000154641. 

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I have the exact same issue.  I know it's saved and published, and it's working fine...but that message keeps showing up.

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Same here. The survey (v 3.17) publishes successfully but the next time I log into Survey123 I get "The survey has changes that have not been published yet..." warning. It happens even if I clear my web browser's cache. Is there a way we can look up the bugs @ZacharySutherby lists above?

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A friend of mine is working through this issue with ESRI Technical Support. 


Here are the details of the bug for your reference:

Bug Number: BUG-000154641
Synopsis: The ArcGIS Survey123 web app does not recognize when changes are saved and published after modifying a survey with a multiple-choice question.
Status: Under Consideration

Bug Number: BUG-000154545
Synopsis: Notification that "survey has changes that have not been published yet" appears despite the fact that survey was not edited if Map question is included in Survey123 ArcGIS Online web
Status: In Product Plan

Kathryn Clifton, GISP, PLS
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I have the same issue - has this bug been resolved?

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