Table-list with select-multi option

03-15-2023 09:07 AM
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Good day to you,

I found this post on another board, and it hadn't been answered, so I wanted to drop it here. I'm looking for the same option.

Is there a table with a multi-selection option?

Or has anyone come up with a creative way to do it?

esri multi table.png

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I believe it may be a limitation.  I just quickly went into Survey123 to test it out and there doesn't seem to be an option to check multiple choices in a table like that.  You may end up having to chose "multiple select" and have one for each row in your table.  I'm interested to see other responses too though because this is something that I'd love to have the ability to do also.  Especially when I get an urgent survey request and don't have time to build it in Survey123 Connect.

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Just confirming: No multi-select option for table-list appearance

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