Problems with #pulldata fuction in repeats

11-26-2021 11:35 AM
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Hello, I am having trouble with the #pulldata function, using 123 survey. The pulldata function linked to the .csv file is to request the dimensions of the elements (row 16 and 18), of the multiple selection called "toma" (row 10). However, there are items where dimensions are not requested (in this case it is the first dimension of the repeat). These elements are within the repetition called "dimensionar" (row 12). Why does this happen or how can I solve it?

I attach the XLSForm and the .csv file.

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Hi everyone.

I have the same problem with one of my survey with pulldata function. It happened when I have a pulldata into a repeat. The first one does not work, but the others did appear correctly. Could anyone hep us about?



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