Problem with publishing a Form attached to a Workforce service

07-21-2022 03:05 PM
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Greeting to everybody,

I was trying to publish a Survey123 created from a Workforce service and added some questions that I need to evaluate on-field works and had the trouble which is described in the first picture. What could have happened on this case?

I will thank in advance your help and aid.




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Hello @MiguelSalamanca

It looks like you added 13 questions to the survey that don't have fields present in the feature service. Since the survey was built on an existing feature service Survey123 doesn't know if it has admin rights to the service or not so it's not able to add those fields to the service directly. You will need to navigate to the Data tab of the feature service and add the field for the 13 new questions added in the form where the field name matches the name of the question in the form. 

Thank you,
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Hello @ZacharySutherby,

Thanks a lot for your answer. It is clear that I should create fields according to the questions created on the Form. But taking in mindthe Workforce Service structure, where should I add those fields in my project?



PD: Here I send a picture of the structure of the Workforce service.

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