Problem with a report on a @Survey 123?

02-09-2019 10:35 AM
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survey 123 customization report template reports beta #cant generate reports

I have a problem generating a report through Survey 123? I can not use any template that have, maps, images or multiple choice questions?

‌The error message that appears to me is as follows:

Failed to parse "${foto_enquadra}". Field "${foto_enquadra}" does not exist or cannot be found in current parsing scope.

foto_enquadra is the name of a field that store a photo.

I used survey 123 connect to publish this survey. Attached I send excell and the template in Word.
Can someone help me?
Note: The survey connect is in the latest version. 


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Hi. This worked for me fine. I simply published your unmodified XLSFile and Word template into a brand new survey and I was able to create a report with no problem. Attaching the final output.  You may want to add qualifiers to control the size of the image. For example:

${foto_enquadra | size:300:0}

This will add a photo with a width of 300 into your document and then set the height dynamically to preserve the original ratio of the photo.

There is nothing apparently wrong with your XLSFile or Word template.

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First of all, thank you for the quick reply, Ismael.
But I passed the same files to a friend who did the test and also to him, gave the error that I described above.
We are from Portugal and we have the regional settings of our computer in Portuguese (PT-PT), do you think that could be the reason for this error?

Best Regards

Telmo Brás

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Hello again,
I changed the regional settings from my computer (and word) to English (USA), I even deactivated all the security of the word. However when I load the word file with the template I get the same error.
Also, I tried a new developer account to create this survey 123 based on XLSFile and then generate the report and get the same error.
I do not know what to do anymore? If anyone has any ideas please help me.
Thank you very much.
report template reports beta cant generate reports
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Hello @Ismael Chivite,
You can send me a word template, generated by the Survey 123 application based on my XLS. Thanks in advance.
I tried everything and could not generate the report.
Best regards,
Telmo Brás
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I am getting this error too.

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Just to check, are you using ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise?  Accessing photos is not supported with ArcGIS Enterprise.

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