Problem reading geopoint lat/longs using the csv. pulldata function on the WEB app

11-01-2022 09:34 AM
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Hello everyone,

I'm having trouble reading the lat/long using the csv.  and pulldata function on the web app (see pic below). I created the app with Connect and it works on the mobile app but not when the survey is embedded on a web app like a dashboard or Exp. builder.  I check the data using Survey123 online and the collected points  show on the right location when using mobile app. However, points shows in the middle of Atlantic when collected on the web (embedded on exp. builder app).  Does anyone know if this is a limitation on the web app?.  What I'm missing?geopoint.png

Update: I just try using calculate instead of note and still not able to capture a geopoint. The concatenate field is empty on the data table in Survey123 online.


2nd-Update. The geopoint work after removing the esriFieldTypeDouble from the bind::esri:fieldType. 




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