Problem hidding the date question!

09-15-2021 07:24 PM
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Hello everyone,

I’m working on a simple form and I need to capture the date as a note at the top of the survey. However, I’m an getting an error (in connect) when I try to set the date question as “hidden”. The default is set to today() (I also try now()) and the bind::esri:fieldType set to “esriFieldTypeDate”.  I also try to use the “body::esri:visible” but didn’t work. The problem is that I’m using a calculate question to format the date (format-date(${survey_DateTime},'%b.%e, %Y')) that I want to use as the value for the note. If I hide the date question, the calculate won’t work.

What I’m doing wrong???



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Hi Jose

I don't seem to get the same error as you. 



Could you be using an old version of Connect perhaps?

I've attached my working example - perhaps you could see where you went wrong by comparing my version with yours.


Just as a side-note, you can also use the 'end' question type to capture the end date and time of the survey.

endEnd date and time of the survey. This is a hidden field, not visible on the form.
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Thank you DeonLengton. I can see that you set the appearance field to hidden and I was using the type field. Hidden in the appearance works in connect (3.12.230) but it still not working for me when I publish the webform. I get "Invalid Date" when I open the survey on a browser. 

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