Preload information from another database do prefill answers to some of survey questions.

01-19-2021 12:16 AM
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Hi Everyone, 

i know you can pull data from CSV file in your media folder to preload data into the Survey123.

but is there anyway that we can pull data to preload information from another database like Azzure or SQL or even live spreadsheet to prefill the answers to some of the question in survey form. 

i have to build an inspection form which required the user to have most of the answers/ results prefilled into the form and just adjust any answers that is different from previous inspection and some empty question field.

i can not use the csv media folder pull-data method as the data constantly changes.






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I've been looking for the same thing and I found this. It has the potential to be promising. It doesn't exactly pre-populate answers, but it will pre-populate dropdown lists. I'm not sure if that could be extended to what you need or not though.