Pre-populate question with an answer from a previous survey?

02-11-2021 07:50 AM
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I am digitizing a water quality form for a client. In their original form, they ask that for the meter reading from the previous day as well as the meter reading for the current day.

From what I understand, pulldata() works for external datasets. Is there a way to pull the meter reading from the last form that was filled out and use it to populate the "previous reading" question? A way to reference the survey feature service? 

I am trying to automate it, because I think having the user close out, open a previous survey, close out of that, and reopen their current form is an inefficient workflow. 




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Hi, I think you can use the custom JavaScript function to query the feature service, one limitation is that the device has to be online. Have a look at the "Working with web services" section of this blog:

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