Photos shown on Survey123 Field App, but not appear on Survey123 Web App after submission

12-19-2021 11:31 PM
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Hi, dear Survey123 community

I have a problem to see the photos on Survey123 Web App, but they can be seen on Survey123 Field App. Tried to re-send the survey results after updating the setting for the layer on Web, still does not work.

Will be appreciated if anyone can point me a direction for resolving this problem.

Many thanks!


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Hi @JoyChen1 

I have a couple of questions to help us troubleshoot your issue.

Just to clarify, are you trying to view or edit previously submitted survey responses in the web app (using mode=view or mode=edit URL parameters) or are you trying to view survey responses in the Data tab on the Survey123 website?

And just to check, your survey contains image questions and you're able to submit images without issue in the field app, is that right?

Also when you say "updating the setting for the layer on the Web" what are you referring to?

Thanks & best, Jim

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Hi Joy and @Jim-Moore

I am getting the same issue.

I have an embedded form in a dashboard to edit field collected data. I can see the feature in the map and shows the photos in the pop up media. I am using mode=edit in the URL parameter.

However in the embedded form it has the attributes but does not show any photos in the photo questions. There are a couple photo questions and they have been taken through the field app with the question name prefix.

Thanks, Felicity

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