Parent Global ID not passing to child GUID anymore

03-23-2023 11:06 AM
New Contributor II

I have a parent non-spatial table of a list of plant species and their attributes, and a child non-spatial table of attachment images of herbarium specimens for which I "scan" using Survey123. I have the (child)GUID field as hidden and esriFieldTypeGUID and use the below calculation to get the (parent) Global ID for that scientific name using the scientific name from the survey input (both the parent and child have this same field).

pulldata("@layer", "getValue", "attributes.GlobalID", <URL>, concat("GenusSpecies = '", ${GenusSpecies}, "'"))

This WAS WORKING on my end, and I could see the records relating properly in the table. However, once I shared to the group this stopped working properly with another user's new submissions. The submission is successful otherwise, but the GUID is blank and thus not relating anymore. Additionally, it no longer works on my end, and I'm having the same results as the other user. 

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